3-D coherent Doppler lidar

updated on 12 Nov 2019

A 3-D coherent Doppler lidar system, developed by Mitsubishi Electric Co. (Tokyo, Japan), was installed on the rooftop of A-building of Fukuoka University (33.55 °N, 130.37 °E, 55 m above sea level) in Fukuoka city, and continuous 3-D wind and aerosol (SNR) measurements over the Fukuoka urban area (over the Fukuoka plain) have been conducted there since Nov 2016.

Technical specifications of 3-D Doppler lidar system 
LaserDFB-Er doped fiber laser (Yb; YAG)
Wavelength1.54 µm
Pulse energy1.0 mJ/pulse
Pulse repetition rate4000 Hz (average power: 4W)
Pulse width200 ns
Telescope diameter (effective)120 mm
Range resolution30 m/ 60 m
Measurable distanceup to 6 km/ 12 km (200 range bins)

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