SOWER IOP schedule 2014

Updated 23Z 26 Feb 2014


[BIAK, Indonesia]

== Schedule

All launch finished, thank you.


== Launch on 26 Feb

ü  1810 CFH+ECC+RS06G +RS11G went up to 28.5 km.

== Launch on 25 Feb

ü  1810 CFH+ECC+RS06G went up to 25 km (Ecc until 21.5 km) due to rain.

== Launch on 24 Feb

ü  1800 CFH+ECC+RS06G went up to 30 km

== Launch on 23 Feb

ü  1500 CFH+ECC+RS06G went up to 30 km.

ü  1823 Finedew+Cloudsonde went up to 30 km.

== Launch on 22 Feb

ü  1755LT CFH+ECC+RS06G +RS11G went up to 29 km.

== Launch on 21 Feb

ü  1800LT CFH+ECC+RS06G+RS11G went up to 31 km.

== Launch on 20 Feb

ü  1805LT CFH+ECC+RS06G+RS11G went up to 14.5km and burst.

== Launch on 19 Feb

ü  1500LT RS11G test sonde went up to 35 km successfully.

ü  1800LT CFH+ECC+RS06G went up to 19 km and burst. In the downward course, the data were obtained to the height of 500 m.

== Schedule

ü  Next launch will be 1800 LT on 20 Feb (CFH+ECC+RS06G+RS11G).




/NISHI Noriyuki/

== Report ==                         

28Jan: Attendng CONTRAST briefing at Hilton

 Research flight No.7 of CONTRAST will be conducted tomorrow (29Jan).

27Jan: Attending CONTRAST/CAST meeting at Hilton

 Next ATTREX flight 28Jan, Next CONTRAST flight 29 Jan

26Jan: Arrived at Guam


31Jan Depart from Guam



 [PALAU by JAMSTEC (collaborated with SOWER) ]

/SUZUKI Junko (PI)/

/OGINO Shin-ya/

== Report of 4th launch on 28Jan

ü  The final launch was conducted at 16:05LT(07:05UTC) on 28 January.


== Announce of 4th launch on 28Jan

ü  4th (final) launch was cancelled yesterday and will be conducted today (=28 January)


==Report of 3rd launch and announce of the 4th (final) launch

ü  3rd launch was conducted at about 16:00LT(07UTC) of 26 January.

ü  4th (final) launch will be conducted on 28 January.


== Schedule for 3rd launch (by Suzuki san)

ü  Third launch will be in the afternoon of 26 January.


== Report of 2nd launch (by Suzuki san)

ü  The launch was conducted at 16:05LT(07:05UTC) of 25 January.


== 2nd launch was postponed to 25 January due to rain.

== Schedule for 2nd launch (by Suzuki san)

ü  Second launch will be in the late afternoon of 24 January.


== More information of the 1st flight by SUZUKI san

ü  The launch was at 16:43LT (07:43UTC) of 22 January.


== Report of 1st launch on 23Jan

ü  OGINO san reports that the 1st launch from PALAU was conducted on 22 January.


== purpose and outline of the schedule by J. Suzuki on 22Jan2014 ==

ü  The research objective is to investigate the transport and dehydration processes and climatology over the western Pacific around the tropical tropopause.

ü  A total of 4 sets of the Development measurement technologies Cryogenic Frostpoint Hygrometer, the EN-SCI electrochemical concentration cell (ECC) ozonesonde, and the Meisei RS06G radiosonde are flown with meteorological rubber balloons to obtain water vapor and ozone profiles up to the middle stratosphere from 21 January to 28 January.

ü  The mie-scattering LIDAR system continuously observe optical characteristics and vertical distribution of clouds up to the tropopause from June 2013.


[HANOI, Vietnum]

(No observation is planned in this period)