List of Instruments at Fukuoka University

Location: Fukuoka, Japan (33.55 °N, 130.36 °E).

In-situ measurements of aerosols

Measurement Method PI Operation
Aerosol number-size distribution Optical particle counter (OPC) (Sigma Tech, TD100) Hayashi, M.(Fukuoka Univ.) Hara, K. (Fukuoka Univ.) Continuous: 1 min
Water-soluble aerosol constituents Filter sampling,
Ion chromatography
Hayashi, M. (Fukuoka Univ.) Hara, K. (Fukuoka Univ.) Daily
Aeorosol constituents and
mixing states in individual particles
Impactor sampling,
Hayashi, M. (Fukuoka Univ.) Hara, K.(Fukuoka Univ.) Intermittent
High volume PM cyclone sampler Virtual impactor, Cyclone
(Tokyo Dylec, KOVI-2C-1200Z)
Okuda, T. (Keio Univ.) Monthly
Aerosol number-size distribution Optical particle counter (OPC)
Yamazaki, A. (MRI) Continuous: 1 min
Aerosol number-size distribution Polarization optical particle counter (POPC) Kobayashi, H. (Univ. of Yamanashi) Continuous: 5 min
Scattering coefficient Nephelometer (ECOTECH, Aurora3000) Yamazaki, A. (MRI) Continuous: 1 min
Black carbon concentration
(absorption coefficient)
(Magee Science, AE31)
Yamazaki, A. (MRI) Continuous: 15 min
Aerosol mass concentration (PM2.5) Tepered Element Oscillating Microbalance
Kaneyasu, N. (AIST) Continuous: 30 min
Black carbon concetration (PM2.5)
(absorption coefficient)
(Andersen Inst. Inc., AE-16U)
Kaneyasu, N. (AIST) Continuous: 15 min
Aerosol constituents Aerosol Mass Spectrometry (AMS) Takami, A. (NIES) Continuous: 10 min
Aerosol constituents Continuous Dichotomous
Aerosol Chemical Speciation Analyzer
(Kimoto, ACSA-14)
Takami, A. (NIES) Continuous
Aerosol constituents and
mixing states in individual particles
Impactor sampling Zaizen Y. (MRI) Intermittent
Dry and wet deposition flux Sampling of wet and dry deposition Osada, K. (Nagoya Univ.) Weekly
Particulate and gaseous Hg concentrations Atomic fluorescence
(TEKRAN, Hg monitor (Model2537 and 1130A))
Marumoto, K. (NIMD) Continuous: 3 hours
Surface area of aerosol particles Diffusion charging (TSI, NSAM 3550) Okuda, T. (Keio Univ.) Continuous: 5 min

Remote sensing of aerosols and gaseous constituents

Measurement Method PI Operation
Aerosol, humidity vertical profiles (3-30 km) Raman lidar Shiraishi, K.(Fukuoka Univ.) Intermittent (nighttime)
Aerosol vertical profiles (0.1-3.5 km) Lidar Shiraishi, K. (Fukuoka Univ.) Continuous
Fluorescence spectrum of aerosols Fluorescence lidar Shiraishi, K. (Fukuoka Univ.) Continuous
Aerosol・NO2column values and
verticlal profiles
MAX-DOAS Takashima, H. (Fukuoka Univ.) Continuous
Aerosol・watervapor column values Skyradiometer Yamazaki, A. (MRI) Continuous: 10 min
Direct solar radiation, Infrared radiation, and
Diffuse solar radiation
Pyranometer/Pyrheliometer/Pyrgeometer Yamazaki, A. (MRI) Continuous: 10 sec
Aerosol vertical profiles Ceilometer Ishii, S. (NICT) Continuous: 15 sec

In-situ measurements of gaseous constituents

Measurements Methods PI Operation
O3 concentration UV absorption
(Thermo Environ. Indst., O3 monitor (49C))
Takami, A. (NIES) Continuous: 1 min
CO concentration IR absorption
(Thermo Environ. Indst., CO monitor)
Takami, A. (NIES) Continuous: 1 min
SO2 concentration UV pulsed fluorescence
(Thermo Environ. Indst., SO2 monitor)
Takami, A. (NIES) Continuous: 1 min
NO2 and NO concentrations Chemiluminescence
(Thermo Environ. Indst., NOx monitor)
Takami, A. (NIES) Continuous: 1 min

Meteorological measurements

Measurements Method PI Operation
Temp., RH, Press., Wind speed and
Wind direction
(Vaisala, WXT520) Takami, A. (NIES) Continuous:1 min
3D wind velocity fields Doppler lidar Hayashi, M. (Fukuoka Univ.) Takashima, H. (Fukuoka Univ.) Continuous